Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Gay Marriage

Can someone help me understand why this issue is such a big deal without mentioning religion? People have to understand that their religious views can not restrict the freedom of others to otherwise pursue their own happiness. I don't want to hear about how it degrades the institution when we have drive though chapels and freaking reality shows where you get to choose your husband after an hour.

Lets keep it real, we all know people that have no business ever being married. Who are we to tell a couple of consenting adults that they should not have all of the benefits that go along with the institution.


Clinton Still Strong

Clinton gave a great speech at the convention. One can't help but wonder about what might have been with this guy. He connects with people like very few politicians ever have. Its too bad that he could not control his inner demons. I know that people will say that the republicans were just out to get him and I agree with this notion. But if you know your every move will be critiqued, you have to do every thing in your power to avoid the scrutiny.

My basic feeling is that you can't complain about anything unless you have done everything in your sphere of influence to prevent it.   I will be articulating this theme throughout this blog.

It must be nice being Karl Rove

I was thinking that it must be nice being Karl Rove. You get to sit back and run the jedi mind trick on our simple minded president. No one will question him about the 900 and counting families that won't have a loved one coming back.