Friday, December 30, 2005

Spying on Americans

I actually think George Bush and his boys are a bunch of incompetent hacks with great marketing. With that said, when I heard about this story, my first reaction was "so what". I think most people think the government is spying on all of our phones and internet use. Just like there was some clown counting the number of conservative voices on PBS, I expect that there is some computer monitoring us, looking for key words and phrases.

This is all fine and dandy except that it assumes that people that would do us harm are stupid. If everyday drug dealers are smart enough to escape phone spying, what makes us think this vast terrorist network aren't smart enough. This is the type of thinking that would not let us connect the dots of 9/11 in the first place.

I do think that there should be some discovery as to what americans they were spying on. If they were just spying on individuals with some sort of ties to terrorists thats one thing. If they were spying on everyone making a phone call to the middle east that is another. The way these guys try to lable people, would it be unimaginable that they tried to spy on civil liberties groups? When MacCarthy was looking for communists, they also spied on Civil Rights groups.

Oh and by the way, don't try to argue that you are just trying to do everything possible to avoid another attack when just two weeks earlier the bi-partisan 9/11 commission gave you F's.

One more thing.... are we any closr to catching Bin Laden.

How do you know she is the one?

My cousin has been with his girlfriend for a couple of years now. This weekend he asked me "how do I know she is the one?". The smartass answer is if you have to ask, she is obviously not. I think the real answer is as follows. I don't believe in all this soul mate stuff. I think you need to be lucky to find someone that you really love and loves you just as much and society puts too much pressure on people to get married after a certain amount of time. If you can say yes to all of these items, she is probably the one.

  • If you love and respect her more now than you did the first month of your relationship, she may be the one
  • If you feel like you can work through any issue together she may be the one
  • If you think that if things got a little worse and stayed that way, you could you still be happy for 50 years, she may be the one
  • If you can see and appreciate other women without wanting them because you know what you have is so much more than physical, she may be the one
  • If you had a daughter, would you be proud if she grew up just like her mother
  • If you love yourself enough to allow someone else to, you might be ready

We do not Torture

I was surprised to hear Bush say the words We do Not Torture , because I had just seen this Frontline documentary a few days before. This documentary lays out what happend at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo, in the words of the people involved, including the lawyers that did everything they could to make the Geneva convention "0bsolete".
Either the president doesn't know the defintion of torture or he is completely out of touch with what the people around him are doing (including his secretary of defense).
I personally think its both.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Katrina Fallout

Many are beginning to question why the government failed so miserably for thousands of people. When the large majority of the victims are black, it’s rather easy to make the leap to assume that racism is at the core. The question I keep hearing is would the government have acted so slowly if the victims were primarily white. I actually don't think it matters WHY help was so slow. I personally find it hard to believe that someone actually thought hey we could jump in here but we should go ahead and let them suffer because they are black. I think it much more likely that incompetence was the cause.

Lack of experience!
Lack of imagination!
Lack initiative!

It all amounts to an absolute failure to meet the needs of American citizens.

I for one am sick and tired of hearing politicians say this or that problem was "unimaginable". I don't care if its flying planes into a building, insurgency resolve or levees breaking and destroying transportation and communication channels. It’s YOUR JOB to imagine these types of things. To admit that these things were unimaginable is to say that you have no business having the job in the first place.

There is enough blame to go around for all levels of government.

  • The Mayor could have done more to get more poor people out of the city.
  • The Governor could have acted faster to request federal assistance
  • The Federal government should have been much faster to respond with troops and supplies.

In the next few weeks there will be a large masturbation session called "congressional hearings". These hearings will have no real purpose except to fool people into believing that something is being done about this national embarrassment. A report will be issued and suggestions will be made. I am sure everyone will have plenty of excuses that will be spun by both sides of the isle. No one will tell the truth which is, "We probably could have done more to prevent this tragedy but we didn't think it was likely so we didn't allocate any funds for it" and "We weren't organized or prepared enough". Nothing productive will be born of these hearing, no one will take any responsibility for their failures and many American citizens will have died in vain unless the American people decide to demand higher standards from the people that we elect.