Sunday, January 14, 2007

New Video - Punk Ass Negros

I just finished Punk Ass Negros Pt. 1 a couple of weeks ago.

I was actually planning on creating a video on the topic of race as a political rather than biological concept, but this came to me one morning when my son woke me up. It normally takes me several weeks to go from concept to implementation. PAN took about a day.

Its been out for a little bit and its always surprising to me to see what folks think of the videos. Sometimes they see things that I never intended. Other times they assume I mean things because everyone brings their own history to the viewing. I appreciate all comments ad most have been positive.

In this video I list my definitions. There are a few in there that are jokes, but some people don't pick up on this. Its also a little strange to me how few people know about 529 accounts. At least a dozen people have mentioned to me that they didn't know what it was before the video, but they looked it up after watching.

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Anonymous said...

Great work.